The random urge to grow flowers (and flower puns!)


Anyone ever get the random urge to grow flowers? I did, yesterday. I was staring at my desk, which is usually bare except for my two note books (I have two notebooks that I alternate using. I don’t know why I don’t just write everything in one notebook, but maybe I’m just eccentric that way) and I thought ‘hey, wouldn’t a flowerpot look adorable here?’

Immediately my mind was filled with images of adorable little orange pots, with tiny flowers and butterflies. And of course the pots would be painted (I’d paint them myself) and every day I could watch my flowers grow. So I went downstairs, as usual, to relay my plan to my little sister. She’s usually the receiver of my ideas, which usually either go really well or really badly, such as the time we tried to make chocolate chip cookies in a steamer.

Turns out she also had the idea last week, except she, being younger and more practical, wanted to plant vegetables. So we went to our aunt’s house, because she’s an avid gardener, and found pots.

But the pots were so sad. Okay they weren’t sad, they were perfectly ordinary, but nothing like the pots in my daydream. Just plain black. Not cute. I was very disappointed by how not cute they were.

Anyway, I plan to plant my flowers by this afternoon, and perhaps you will see an update, although right now it will just be a dirt filled pot. Hopefully my flowers won’t die and I can fulfill my desk flower pot dream.


About profpet

Hi, my name is Pet. I am eighteen years old, Thai, and I run this small blog. I like writing about the funny events of my life. I also teach, am a university freshman, and would like you to know that I love you .
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